Health and disease are on opposite ends of the same spectrum. Both are simply an expression of the body.  Health is the expression of a strong and balanced body. Disease is an expression of a weak and out of balance body.  When I say balanced body, I mean your spine is properly aligned (brain body communication is optimal through the nervous system), you can easily maintain an internal peace and your cells and organs are nutritionally fed.  When I say your body is out of balance, I mean your spine has subluxations (there is miscommunication between brain and body that leads to dysfunction in the body), you hadve a loss of inner peace due to emotional stress and your cells and organs are malnourished.

Health is nothing more than a relationship between you and your body. Just like any relationship the more you ignore and neglect the relationship, the worse it will become. The more energy and effort you put into a relationship the stronger the bond and better the connection is.

Now some people may think that being conscious of every thought that you think, every piece of food you put into your mouth, exercising regularly, taking the right supplements and getting consistent chiropractic care is hard work.  This is the price that you pay in energy, effort and money to build a strong and balanced body.

Do you know what else is hard? Neglecting your body by having stinking thinking, eating fast foods, processed foods loaded with GMO‘s and toxins, playing video games and Netflix marathons every day which ultimately leads to a weak and out of balanced body. Do you know how hard it is to create heart disease, diabetes, cancer in your body?  It takes decades of neglect and abuse.

There is good news, you get to choose your hard.  It’s not about being perfect at all. I am not perfect by any means. But, it’s being a little bit better today than what you were yesterday, last week and last month. Focus on your progress, focus on your habits you’re creating and enjoy the process along the way.

This all comes back to the question of where does health lie on your priority list?  People who take health seriously, develop healthy habits that they execute daily.   There’s a reason why 60% of Americans suffer from one chronic degenerative disease in this country. There’s a reason why 40% of Americans suffer from two or more chronic degenerative diseases in this country. We’re simply not taught what health looks like, how to take care of ourselves and the habits required to build health daily.  Health is a skill.  It’s about progress not perfection.  Need help, ask.

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