Gut health is vital for overall well-being. Dr. Keith Giaquinto, an expert in gut health, explains why it is essential for a thriving body and mind. The gastrointestinal tract, a 25-30 foot long tube, plays a crucial role in digestion, absorption of nutrients and water, and the formation of vitamins and other postbiotic substances. Maintaining a healthy gut promotes regular bowel movements, stable mood, strong immunity, healthy skin, and sustained energy levels. The small intestine, lined with folds called villi and microvilli, absorbs nutrients, while the microbiome, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, influences gut health. Factors like fiber, diverse vegetables, ideal body weight, fasting, and fermented foods enhance the diversity of the microbiome, while snacking, processed foods, sugar, and stress decrease it. The large intestine absorbs water, forms feces, and plays a crucial role in the immune system.

Poor diet, stress, and weak digestion can lead to gut inflammation, leaky gut syndrome, and a weakened immune system. Prioritizing gut health through a balanced diet, probiotic-rich foods, stress reduction, physical activity, and chiropractic care can greatly improve digestive health and overall well-being. For a complimentary screening, call Dr. Keith Giaquinto’s office at 630-246-2627.



Dr. Keith Giaquinto is an expert on digestion and practices in Naperville, IL. If you are suffering from digestion challenges, give him a call to get tested. Dr. Keith utilizes your history, a fasting digestive exam, 24 hour urinalysis and blood work to determine were the imbalances are on your body. Once identified, then he customizes a care plan to strengthen and support normal function which will allow your body to heal. Stop your suffering and call for a free screening now.

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The best of all is that my reflux is GONE!I have my life back again.I have not been sick for two months now and I have no sinusinfections and no illness of any kind.This is fantastic for me. As an added benefit, I have lost 15 pounds without even trying. The weight just melted away in three months.I have my life back and I feel so lucky.I am sending my friends and family who are not well to Dr. Giaquinto.He is amazing!

Patti P.


“Since being under his care, I no longer have insomnia, my energy level is much better, no more digestive problems, and the pain in my back and body are completely gone.  The exercises that Dr. Giaquinto gave me to do will consistently help to strengthen my back.  Thank you Dr. Giaquinto.”


Eloise r

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