Do you think that there was a flaw in the design of the human body so that some people are plagued with allergies and not others?  Do you experience mild sinus congestion or postnasal drip on a daily basis?  Or do you experience seasonal allergies spanning 2-4 episodes of sinus congestion a year?  Sniffles after eating a specific food or when you overindulge with the amount of food you eat in one sitting?  Can you identify with any of these scenarios?  Are allergies more of a functional problem with your body or are they a pathological condition?  What really causes allergies?

There are 3 causes to ALL symptoms and disease: mechanical, emotional and nutritional STRESS.  When there is too much stress on your body from a mechanical, emotional or nutritional source or a combination of the three, your digestion system becomes compromised.  When you can’t digest your food properly, you can develop leaky gut syndrome which then challenges your immune system to work harder do to it’s job.  When your immune system is challenged beyond its capabilities, it causes your lymphatic system to become slow and congested.  This is also known as autointoxication.   Now your internal environment becomes filled with toxins and forces your kidneys to work harder.  The kidneys are the endpoint of your lymphatic system.  The main function of the kidney is to filter out and eliminate waste and toxins in the blood stream.  When your kidneys can’t filter out your blood due to the amount or size of the toxins, these toxins keep circulating around and around in your blood stream and clog up your lymphatic system.  This situation stresses the kidneys, and they can’t perform well due to the workload and being undernourished.  These toxins then deposit in your body where circulation slows down.  A great place for them to deposit is in the sinuses.  When you breathe in pollen, animal dander, dust, smoke or whatever it is that you are allergic to they adhere to these toxins already in your sinuses causing an inflammatory or allergic reaction. You then get sinus congestion/infection or one of the conditions I mentioned above. What people don’t understand is that if the toxins weren’t there to begin with, you wouldn’t experience that inflammatory or allergic response. (i.e. no toxins, no allergies)