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stress and subluxations
Posted On April 1, 2024 Comments Off on Understanding Stress and Subluxations

Understanding Stress and Subluxations

Stress Got You Tied Up in Knots? We all know stress can wreak havoc on our minds, but did you

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Posted On April 1, 2024 Comments Off on How Subluxations Weaken my Health/Body – Why Should I Care About Subluxations

How Subluxations Weaken my Health/Body – Why Should I Care About Subluxations

Subluxations: Tiny Misalignments, Big Impact?

Ever heard a chiropractor talk about subluxations and wondered what they are and why they matter?

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Posted On March 12, 2024 Comments Off on What Can Chiropractors Do?

What Can Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractors can do a lot for you and your family’s health.  Chiropractic care focuses on removing subluxations

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What Sets Me Apart

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Human beings are complex. We are not just a physical body. Being human means that there is a mechanical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual components that make us whole.  

A Healer, Not Just a Technician

Most doctors and chiropractors in Naperville, IL are simply technicians of the body and are good at managing symptoms.  Dr. Keith Giaquinto is a healer.  Symptoms and health challenges do not simply come about randomly.  There is a cause and effect relationship in the body when it comes to health and disease. One thing has to trigger a cascade of physiological events that leads down the road to dysfunction which weakens the body. Our body can take a tremendous amount of mechanical, emotional and nutritional abuse, but the body can only compensate so much before it breaks down.  The only way the body can express to us that it is out of balance is by giving you symptoms or a health issue. If disease is a process then so is healing. But there is a priority sequence that needs to be considered in order for healing to occur.   In other words, you must take care of the highest priority first.  We do not need to outsmart the body.  The body (Innate Intelligence, homeostasis) knows exactly what to do in order to heal.  We need to stop/eliminate/minimize what is abusing the body, then nourish and support normal function.  The body, innate intelligence and homeostasis restores balance very efficiently.   They do all healing.  As a chiropractor in Naperville, Dr. Keith does not heal his patients.  His patients and their body do that.  He guides his patients to a higher level of thinking and living. 

Personalized Care for Every Patient 

Stress is the cause of all symptoms and disease and M.E.N. (mechanical, emotional, nutritional) are the cause of all stress.  Dr. Keith Giaquinto, the best chiropractor in Naperville, has a holistic approach and addresses all three forms of stress in his practice. 
He addresses
Mechanical stress through chiropractic care (adjustments, posture rehab).
Emotional component with an Emotional Breathing Release Technique and educating his patients about their emotional stress. 
Nutritional component through diet modification, enzyme therapy and supplements.  

Everyone is their own set of walking chemistry.  Everyone perceives and manages (or mismanages) their stress differently.  Chiro in Naperville Dr. Keith is an expert at helping his patients to identify their primary source of stress, manage their stress better and supports normal function which then allows their body to restore balance.  When the body is in balance, it doesn’t have a choice, it has to express health.  Dr. Keith doesn’t chase symptoms around the body.  He knows how the body works, understands the priority sequence in what to address first and then helps his patients achieve their balance by supporting normal function.  Health and well-being are the body’s natural state. (Read that again)  This is how the body is designed.  This is why Dr. Keith gets results with his patients as a Naperville chiropractor.  

The Importance of Understanding the Power of the Human Body 

If you don’t identify the primary source of stress on your body, don’t manage that stress better or eliminate it, you will not heal.  Health and disease are on opposite ends of the same spectrum.  Health and disease are expressions of the body.  When the body is subluxated, organs and tissues are malnourished, the body exists in a weakened state and must express health challenges.  But when your nervous system and brain can communicate properly to the body, when your organs and tissues are well fed and in balance, the body must express health and well-being.  It really is that simple.  

Taking the First Step Towards True Healing

B.J. Palmer, son of D.D.Palmer (founder of chiropractic), stated, “medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die and chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.”  This demonstrates the different mindset of those professions. Chiropractic care focuses on strengthening the body and educating people to a higher level of living.  You are the captain of your own ship.  You are in control.  We, as a society, are not taught how to take care of ourselves or believe how powerful we really are as an individual.  Imagine how your health and life would change for the better if you truly understood the power of the human body, trusted and had faith in its sheer awesomeness, thought positively and create healthy habits that only strengthen the body.  This is what Dr. Keith does with his patients and community.   B.J Palmer also said, “have you more faith in a spoonful of medicine than the power that animates the living world?”  What Dr. Keith does is he helps you get out of your own way so the body can do what it was designed to do – express health.  

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, call Dr. Keith for a complimentary screening from a chiropractor in Naperville, IL.