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Keith Giaquinto, a highly experienced chiropractor specializing in Internal Health, has an unwavering passion for the human body. Having personally endured sports and weightlifting injuries, he witnessed the success his mother achieved in relieving her lower back pain through natural methods. Dr. Keith’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the natural approach to health and wellness span over two decades, encompassing diligent study, practice, and public speaking engagements. Through the gentle techniques of Chiropractic Care and the transformative power of Enzyme Nutrition, he has guided numerous individuals towards remarkable improvements in their health within a matter of weeks to months. What truly distinguishes Dr. Keith’s practice is his dedication to empowering patients to reach higher levels of health and vitality. Offering exceptional, affordable services, he considers it an honor and privilege to provide care to our community.

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Dr. Keith Giaquinto, specializing in Internal Health, evaluates the body to identify and minimize sources of stress. With a customized care plan, including chiropractic adjustments, exercises, diet modification, enzyme supplementation, and lifestyle habits, you will gain the knowledge to take charge of your health through free health workshops at Giaquinto Chiropractic and Digestion Center.

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At Giaquinto Chiropractic and Digestion Center, our mission is to make chiropractic care accessible and affordable for your everyday needs. With convenient locations and extended hours, including evenings and weekends, we provide professional services tailored to each individual’s requirements. Experience holistic treatment in a warm and friendly environment.


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"I’ve never been to a chiropractor, but when my friend told me about Dr. Keith & how helpful he has been, I had to reach out. Since my first visit, Dr. Keith has been nothing but nice & informative. I was (& still am a little) nervous about being adjusted & Dr. Keith has been patient & reassuring. I just finished my 3rd week & have noticed less frequent headaches & improvement with bowel issues. I cannot wait & see further improvements as I continue to see Dr. Keith. Thank you for your help!."

Nicole l.

"Very thorough in chiropractic care. Covers all aspects of finding and healing discomfort you may have. Also documents everything so you can compare progress over time."

John h.

"The Office is very easy to get to. I felt very empowered with the knowledge Dr. Giaquinto shared to educate me on the importance of spinal health and wellness. I WISH i found him sooner. He is very down to earth, cheerful and dedicated to helping me achieve the very best life I deserve without pain . I'm alittle terrified on how rough adjustments can be, but Dr. G listened and his approach was just right and my first adjustment felt awesome in my neck and shoulders specifically. Im super excited to get some treatments going. I would recommend this practice to family and friends.
Thank you Dr. G."

Sarah s.

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