I have been suffering from migraines for the past thirty years.  At times I would get them as frequent as four days a week.  My migraines interfered with my daily life because I had a hard time focusing on anything. I had to be in a dark room and sleep it off. While at work I took breaks often to close my eyes. I had to wear sunglasses until it was dark just for me to fall asleep.  I didn’t know what was causing them.  I had been treated by every doctor that I could think of to help with my migraines. They’ve run cat scans and x-rays. I’ve gotten acupuncture, and even had medicine prescribed to me to help, but nothing worked.  A co-worker of mine recommended I go and see Dr. Keith Giaquinto.  When I came to Dr. Giaquinto, his treatments stopped my headaches and I was starting to feel like a brand new person. This was the first time something had worked and was consistent at working. I’m extremely happy with Dr. Giaquinto.  My result from being treated by Dr. Giaquinto’s is that I feel amazing. My migraines are not completely gone but are significantly less frequent and less intense. Dr. Giaquinto has given me the tools I need to manage my headaches and keep my head and body healthy and pain free.

Suzanne D.


When I first came to see Dr. Keith in April 2010, my system was in a frail state. I was always tired, extremely thin and was unable to gain weight, even though I ate large portions of healthy food (whole grains, beans and vegetables).  My elimination was sluggish, I released a lot of gas and I had frequent horrible migraines, about four times a month. The migraines lasted 24 hours, building up to a peek of extremely intense pain that lasted about seven hours and then winding down to a dull ache.  When I had my migraines, I could barely function and had to sleep it off.  If I had to work, I counted down the minutes until I could leave so that I could go home and sleep.  My friend Ann referred me to Dr. Keith because of the benefits she received from your chiropractic care and the enzyme treatment, and I am very happy I acted on her advice! Your tests revealed that I was not assimilating protein, and there was a problem with my liver and my sympathetic nervous system, which was responsible for the intense headaches I was getting.  A couple months into the treatment program, I noticed my elimination improved a great deal, from one time a day to two, and in greater bulk.  I also released far less gas, I would say from frequently every day to rarely. The headaches are almost a thing of the past as well.  They became active once a month instead of four times a month and now it has been three months since the last headache! This is a wonderful improvement from when I first came to see Dr. Keith.  With the chiropractic treatment and the exercises, I noticed that I was more aware of my back and posture throughout the day; I wasn’t slouching my shoulders forward as I was before. I haven’t gained weight, but my over all muscular tone has improved.  Thank you for your concern and care in educating me on the processes my system goes through each step of the way. It is always comforting to come to you feeling as though someone really cares about me.  You taught me that just taking medication won’t eliminate the problem. Healing is a process that requires harmony of nutrition, exercise, helping each other and relaxation.  Thank you Dr. Keith for all your support, encouragement and tenacity to help me through all the problems that came up.

Megan B.