Infant Thrush/Insomnia/Constipation

I have been seeing Dr. Giaquinto for two years for my own health and just started bringing my children to see him this year. Recently, my husband and I took in a newborn, drug exposed foster baby boy who was nine days old.  Needless to say, this was a difficult transition, but also, this was one unhappy baby!  After a few weeks it was apparent there were some chronic issues with this boy, including thrush, constipation, and difficulty sleeping/napping.  He would only nap for about twenty minutes at a time and sleeping at night was, at best in three hour intervals.  When we picked up baby Jayden, he had already been seen by a pediatrician a few times and was on a second round of medication for the thrush, which seemed to be about 90% effective.  I decided to let Dr. Giaquinto examine and treat him.  During our first visit, Dr. Giaquinto adjusted the baby and put him on an enzyme program to start.  Within the first few days the constipation definitely started to resolve itself. Within about three weeks I saw a major transformation in him.  His sleeping improved dramatically; he is now taking one and a half hour long naps and sleeping eight to ten hours a night!  The thrush had also completely cleared up, constipation resolved and the general demeanor of this baby drastically improved – he became a happy baby!  I am confident that the combination of chiropractic care and enzyme nutrition was the healing treatment this child needed and I am SO glad I chose to have him seen by Dr. Giaquinto.  Unbelievable!

Rachel E.