I had been suffering from eczema for the last five years.  Living on the East Coast, the extreme temperature of winter would flare up the outbreaks on my fingers, wrist and neck.  Each year the outbreaks seemed to get worse and worse.  When the breakouts would occur, it would hurt to put my hands in water and I had to be very cautious of any lotions I would use.  It was also very uncomfortable going from hot (heated homes) to cold (the outdoors).  My hands looked and felt awful.  So, I went to a dermatologist.  The dermatologist prescribed symptomatic relief, a cream that would dry up the eczema, but only until the next breakout.  Even with using the cream, my skin felt very tight and very dry and the condition never improved.  I was referred to Dr. Giaquinto from a relative that was receiving treatment from him.  Dr. Giaquinto did a digestive workup on me and told me exactly why I had the eczema.  He prescribed a treatment plan that included chiropractic care and specific enzyme supplements that my body desperately needed.  After taking the supplements for about two months my fingers, wrist, and neck are now completely normal!!!  There are almost no patches of dry skin for the first time in years!  I am extremely happy with my results and would recommend anyone who has a skin condition to see Dr. Giaquinto.

Pat N.