I was a health conscious 39 year old, ate relatively healthy, exercised regularly and yet I was struggling with lower back pain, shin splints, aching knees and occasional wrist pain.  Another huge struggle I was dealing with was pretty severe cystic acne.  I had dealt with the acne and low back pain since my twenties. I had tried countless prescriptions for my acne and if I did see results, I found myself dealing with harsh side effects due to the medications.

I believe the acne is triggered by my hormones, and the back pain is mostly due to my scoliosis.  I would have bouts of very sharp pain in my back, bad enough to cause me to not be able to complete a full work out (stop running etc).   My acne effected my daily life, my skin was inflamed, painful and it affected my mood daily.  I was extremely self-conscious and very frustrated that everything I had tried had ultimately failed to work.

I called Dr. Keith on my 39th Birthday after two different close friends referred him to me.  I was in denial that I ate poorly because I was already avoiding fast food and I didn’t drink pop.  I ate organic food and watched my calories.  What I was surprised to find out after an exam from Dr. Keith was that my body struggles to digest carbohydrates.   Once I started taking digestive enzymes with my meals, I noticed that I was a lot less bloated (I hadn’t even realized that I was bloated and constipated). The enzymes helped me feel so much better.  It took time, but I also started to see a change in my complexion.  I did start taking a prescription again from my dermatologist, but in the past I had to take such a high dose that I had terrible side effects (primarily dizziness, and foggy thinking) this time when coupled with the enzymes and diet plan suggested by Dr. Keith- I am able to take 1/3 of the dosage of my prescription. I have clear skin and none of the side effects.   The enzymes also combined with regular chiropractic adjustments have significantly reduced inflammation in my body.  I have felt 90% better during my workouts and day to day life.  I have not had any of the back pain that I was initially struggling with.  Plus the achy knees and wrist pain greatly improved and the shin splint are gone.

If you are having any kind of physical ailment or digestive issues. I would absolutely recommend a consultation with Dr. Keith.  He is extremely knowledgeable of our bodies complete working systems and how they affect us as a whole.  I found it fascinating how much diet effects all other aspects of our well being- and the enzyme nutrition helps to heal our bodies from the years and years of damage we have done to it by not eating properly.  It’s nearly impossible to avoid foods that may trigger inflammation or be a challenge to digest, but the enzymes help keep our gut in balance.  I feel like I am more in control of how well I am going to feel now that I see Dr. Keith.

Thank you Dr. Keith.