Stress – One Cause of Health Challenges

By Keith Giaquinto | Posted OnMay 24, 2023

The body can compensate a great deal to STRESS – but it does have its breaking point.

There are 3 causes of STRESS.  Mechanical, Emotional, Nutritional (M.E.N.)
Mechanical – poor posture, subluxations, old injuries
Emotional – relationships issues, anxiety, depression, financial, negative mindset, intense concentration
Nutritional – diet, weak digestion, dysbiosis, bowel toxicity

How does the body combat stress?  2 ways.
Requires more nutrition – you become nutritional deficient.
Creates more waste – your internal environment becomes toxic.

When this imbalance become great enough, how does the body compensate? 1 way only.
The body expresses this through muscle contraction.  Where?
Where ever the weakest link is in your body  legs, low back, mid back, neck, arms, shoulders, jaw.
This muscle contraction leads to postural deviations and subluxations in your spine.  Subluxations interfere with brain body communication and weakens the body as a whole.

Early symptoms of a weakened body are:
Headaches, sinus congestion/allergies, fatigue, stiff sore joints, bloating/gas, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, skin issues, anxiety, depression or any health challenge.

Health and disease are both an expression of the body.  A weak and dysfunctional body can easily express health challenges.  A strong and balanced body can easily express health.  It is how the body works.  Chiropractic care helps to restore brain body connection, balances the nervous system, strengthens immunity and the body as whole.

Health isn’t hard, it just needs to be a priority.  Need help ask me.


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