Most people play defensive health, meaning they wait for a health challenge to arise and then do something about it.  They are reactive in nature.  This is where medications can help to manage the symptoms.  BUT the one thing medications DON’T do is help the body heal. This is how some health challenges can become chronic.  Most people don’t know that there is a whole other game that can be played by going on the offense with your health.  This game is played by finding the cause, minimizing it and supporting normal function so the body can heal the way it was designed to.  This is the game that Dr. Keith plays with his patients.

If you are suffering with a health challenge and are looking for answers, here is what you can do for FREE:

  1. Come in and have Dr. Keith check you.  He can check your posture, check your spine and digestion system to see if what he does can help you.
  2. Give him a call and he can answer your questions directly.
  3. Come to one of his Monday night health workshops. Look for the schedule on the events page.