Ulcerative Colitis

My colitis began in 1993 and I was diagnosed in 1994.  I believed it was brought on by stress and anxiety.  Also, certain foods like shellfish, milk, fruits and vegetables triggered flare ups. Then the colitis became chronic.  I would have bloody diarrhea/loose stool multiple times (up to 20) per day.  I was on prednisone (steroids) on and off for many years.  My colitis just never went away without having to take prednisone to heal the inflammation.  My colitis limited my activities of daily living quite a bit.  I couldn’t exercise, go out to eat, go away for weekends with friends.   It also interfered with me being able to attend offsite meetings regularly for work.  I couldn’t be too far away from a bathroom.

I was treated by 5 other doctors and specialists.  They prescribed 2 different medications, but one of them required 16 pills per day.  The results were sometimes good – but temporary.  I could go into remission for certain periods of time (up to three years in remission at one time) after initial healing period by taking prednisone, but it was never permanent.  And I never liked taking all the medications because of the horrible side effects.  I also tried other natural remedies but couldn’t sustain the remission with these programs.  Major flare ups always would come back, and I would be back on prednisone.

I had been going to a chiropractor for years for neck and back pain.  I saw a flyer and went to Dr. Keith’s talk on digestion disorders.  I decided to give Enzyme Nurition a try.

Since starting Enzyme Nutrition, my results have been amazing!!  I have only one to two formed bowel movements per day without any blood, increased energy and I can eat more fruits and vegetables again.  Dr. Giaquinto can help anyone determine the right combination of enzymes to take.  It is nice to be healthy all the time now instead of being so sick all the time!!  Also, I have stopped taking my preventative medication that I was told I would be on for the rest of my life.

Thank you Dr. Giaquinto!!

Michele V.