I came for treatment to Dr. Giaquinto in early December 2005.  At that time I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my arms and also in some of my fingers.  My symptoms had begun about two months prior to my first visit with Dr. Giaquinto. As I am a student, I believe the cause of the problem was due to sitting in awkward positions reading, or sitting awkwardly for long periods of time at my computer.  When I came to see Dr. Giaquinto, the numbness was so bad that I didn’t have feeling at all in my arms or fingers.  It was more uncomfortable than painful and very obvious that something was wrong.  I had been treated two years ago by another chiropractor for a related condition but that time it wasn’t as extreme as this time around.  For me, chiropractic care has always been helpful for this condition.  Since Dr.Giaquinto has been treating me, I feel much better!  The numbness only reoccurs if I am sleeping in a bad position.  Once I adjust my posture it goes away.

Amanda C.