Neck Pain

I first came to Dr. Giaquinto about one month ago.  I had been experiencing periodic neck pain and left hip discomfort for about three years, ever since the birth of my daughter.  The severity of the pain was about a 5 out of 10.  My health condition limited how I held my daughter and some of the work I did around the house.  I had seen three other chiropractors for my condition over the last two years. I received mediocre care from two out of the three, and overall the third was pretty good.  I decided to try someone else, so I contacted my insurance company and they referred me to Dr. Giaquinto.  Since being treated by Dr.Giaquinto, I have had excellent results.  Any expectations I had about getting well regarding my neck and hip pain were exceeded by Dr. Giaquinto.  I am extremely happy with my results because I am no longer limited in my activities and am pain free.

Angela A.