Low Back Pain/Sciatica

I first came to see Dr. Giaquinto one year ago. I was recovering from a sciatic nerve condition that had been with me for about 3-4 months. It was quite debilitating and I had great difficulty sleeping. When I had an intense bout, I had difficulty sleeping and driving. I have seen and worked with several physical therapists and chiropractors over the years. My results from seeing these professionals were mostly short-term relief.  Dr. Giaquinto is an unusually gifted chiropractor. He has wonderful natural talent combined with a strong knowledge of the inner workings of the body and its nutritional needs. Out of all the professionals I have seen over the years, Dr. Giaquinto is the best at keeping my body finely tuned.

Edward R.


I first came to see Dr. Giaquinto in September 2004. I had been experiencing constant chronic neck and low back pain for 17 years. Lifting heavy objects at my job and poor posture habits were the cause of my injuries. For so long, my pain level was a 7 out of 10, with periods of even more intense pain. Sometimes this chronic pain could immobilize me for several days at a time. Throughout this time, I sought treatment with a Medical Doctor and also a Chiropractor in Sacramento. I did experience some temporary pain relief, but I didn’t receive any education on how to strengthen my neck and back in order to avoid pain in the future from either doctor. I was enthusiastically referred to Dr.Keith by a neighbor who is being treated by him. My results have been amazing! I thought I was just going to have to live my life in pain. This is the most pain-free I’ve been in 17 years, thanks not only to the adjustments, but for Dr. Giaquinto’s passion to educate me on how to care for my whole being. He didn’t just “crack me” and send me on my way (like my previous chiropractor). I now have exercises, as well as stretches that I do throughout the workday that Dr. G. taught me to relieve the pressure and help improve my posture. I’ve never worked with a health professional so keenly focused on the overall good of his patients. When I tell friends and family about how my life is so much more enjoyable now that I’m not a prisoner to chronic pain, I often refer to Dr. G as a “miracle worker”, which is high praise from a hard to please person such as myself. I highly recommend Dr. Giaquinto to anyone trying to live a pain-free life, as well as those who are looking for some preventative therapy and education on how to maintain good health.

Timm F.