Knee Pain/Torn Meniscus

I was recommended to Dr. Keith in October 2006 by a work colleague because of an injury I sustained.  She had received amazing results after her own knee injury.  I had torn my meniscus on September 28, 2006 during a kick boxing class.  It was extremely uncomfortable and I could barely climb down all of the steps in my townhouse.  Unfortunately my knee was also very swollen and I really had limited mobility.  This was extremely difficult for me because I am an active person and love to cross train 5-6 days a week doing tennis, swimming, hiking, biking and running.  I was unable to do any of it because of my knee injury.  It has been 3 ½ months since being treated by Dr. Giaquinto.  I too have had excellent results.  I can finally bend my knee almost all of the way, the swelling is gone and my knee feels like it’s not sore all of the time.  I can walk again for more than five minutes without feeling any pain.  Finally I can do limited exercise. For the most part I feel back to normal!

Elizabeth M.