For 3 years, I was suffering from IBSD, spastic colon, burning and discomfort after eating, felt very heavy and lethargic after meals. I do not know for certain what caused this, but I know it had something to do with my personal stress and inability to properly digest my food. My symptoms were so severe, pervasive and compromised my everyday activities. I had to question if I could be in a car for 2 hours without having to find a restroom. I was always considering how long I was going to be comfortable before having to take a pain pill. It gave me extreme anxiety about being uncomfortable during long situations whether it was work, an event or an outing. After seeing Dr. Keith, I felt the best I have in 10 years. I no longer have dietary restrictions and I feel equipped to deal with whatever life presents. Since getting consistent chiropractic adjustments and taking enzymes from Dr. Keith, the difference is very significant. My enzymes are the things that make sense and they are my allies. I now am understanding what my body is telling me and with Dr. Keith’s help, give my body the right support it needs. Hell yes I would recommend Dr. Keith because he delivers amazing results!