I first came to the office at the end of August and have currently been under Dr. Keith’s care for almost three months.

I had struggled with indigestion, constipation, and upset stomach from the beginning of my childhood. It didn’t matter what I ate, I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. Going into my twenties I began cutting out nearly all food groups trying to diagnose my condition. By the end of the summer 2015 though, I was so sick I began seeking help from a gastro doctor. I was getting slicing pains in my right side, I couldn’t sleep because of the pain, and at times it was even hard to breathe. I thought I had gallstones, because I had most classic symptoms for them. This pain lasted two weeks with no help from the medical doctor. I was frustrated, tired, throwing up, constantly bloated yet couldn’t eat, and all around an unhappy person until I found Dr. Keith.

When my condition became severe I couldn’t even leave the house to go to work. I was on bed rest because any slight movements seemed to upset my entire body. Before this though, I was often sluggish and always hungry even after I ate. I was sleeping 10-12 hours a day, and still not feeling rested. I didn’t even realize how much of my life was taken over by my health, because to me I was “healthy” and had in my mind created an idea of what was “normal” was.

I have always been under chiropractic care, but often times felt like I had no support outside of seeing them. The adjustment was great, but within time I would feel lousy again. The medical doctor who tried to treat me only recommended blood work and an invasive procedure where they take a piece of your stomach out and see if there is any harmful bacteria in it. His only real recommendation for me was medication to dilute the pain. I received absolutely no results from these visits except lasting frustration when I think about them.

My mom began to see Dr. Keith for similar digestion problems. She decided to give him a try after reading an article in the local health magazine. Within a week and a half my body began to function at a rate I didn’t know to be possible. I went through mild detox with some headaches, but this was all expected to get my body back on track. I am energized after 6 hours of sleep and my energy lasts throughout the day. I’m able to eat again which was the biggest relief. I overall feel more aware, focused, and present within my body and life. I work stressful jobs (waitressing and film sets), as well as being in my senior year of college. Because of the enzymes Dr. Keith has prescribed I am able to tackle all these challenges with a positive attitude. I do not get overwhelmed as quickly or easily anymore, in fact I don’t get overwhelmed at all. Being on the enzymes while also under chiropractic care has really changed the course of my life for the better. I understand what healthy is for me, and will never settle for anything less than what I feel now, and what I feel now is amazing. Also as an added bonus I lost a little over ten pounds. I haven’t done much to assist with this weight loss other than taking ownership of my health and taking the steps to get back on track with Dr. Keith’s plan.