Headaches/Sinus Congestion

Since high school I suffered from frequent debilitating sinus congestion and headaches.  Medication was futile.  I would have to lay down in the dark and either sleep it off or vomit until I could sleep it off.  I would be virtually incapacitated for hours at a time.  I went to an allergist and after a barrage of tests, I was diagnosed with environmental allergies, prescribed Celdane, and received allergy shots for three years.   My headaches became less frequent, but I was still constantly congested.  When I moved back from college and started working, the frequency of which I got headaches increased.   I didn’t have the time, ability, or desire to be out of commission for hours at a time.  I have never been really big on traditional medicine and decided to go to a homeopath and nutritionist about my condition.   She put me on a rotation and elimination diet and gave me a list of supplements to take.  I immediately noticed a change.  I felt better and my headaches lessened in frequency and severity.  However, I still had difficulty breathing out of my nose.  At this point, I was thinking that this is the best it would ever be: partial congestion and infrequent headaches.  Then a friend of mine told me about enzymes and introduced me to Dr. Giaquinto.  He did a digestive workup on me and explained why I have been plagued with sinus problems for the majority of my life.  Then, he introduced me to enzymes and how they work.  He prescribed specific supplements for me that my body needed.  After taking the supplements for six weeks, I woke up one morning and could actually breathe out of my nose.  I was ecstatic.   Since then, my body’s need for enzymes has changed and lessened and my headaches and sinus congestion are rare.  Even though his goal is to help you to get your body to work properly on its own, I continue to be a loyal patient of Dr. Giaquinto.  He not only gave me hope, he gave me a solution.

Amy J.