For 4 years, I was dealing with shocks of pain at the base of where my head and neck meet.  At that time, I was dealing with a lot of emotional and physical stress. I was in a math class that I couldn’t understand and every day after school I’d get so frustrated with the material. Also during this time I was in cross country where I was running anywhere from 5-8 miles per day and wasn’t get the right amount of nutrients.

The pain got so bad that I couldn’t talk or function in those few seconds that the shocks of pain would happen. The intensity started out mild and would occur only once a week. Then, it progressed into happening multiple times a week which turned into multiple times a day and each time it would happen the pain increased. Then it was happening in the middle of the night and wouldn’t stop. It was like a contraction but in your head, meaning it would continue to be less and less time in between the headaches and they would become more severe. During that night it was so excruciating that I had to go to the hospital and they injected 6 doses of morphine into my body so that the pain would stop.

My mom suggested that I go see Dr. Keith.  Since being adjusted by Dr. Keith, the shocks of pain in my head were significantly less intense and less frequent my first week of care.  The second week of care, my headaches have completely stopped.  I know now if I feel myself becoming tense or anxious to take a step back and pay close attention to my body.  I can relax myself and continue on with the rest of my day. Also, when I get adjusted I feel so much lighter and happier than I did before. My body now is more capable to do what I want like exercising without pain or being afraid that I’ll get another headache.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned from Dr. Keith, is to pay closer attention to my body. One thing that Dr. Keith always says is that the body doesn’t lie and by paying closer attention, I’m able to stop when I feel discomfort and fix the issue right away. I’ve also started meditating again which has helped my mental stress tremendously.  I’m not so worried all the time now, which makes me feel less tense.

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments has improved my quality of life by a lot. I look forward to getting adjusted now where at first I was a bit nervous to go see a chiropractor but all that changed when I started seeing the differences in my body.

I would 100% recommend everyone to see Dr. Keith. He has helped me when I thought I could never be fixed. He did it with 0 pills and taught me ways that I can actually deal with the issue if it ever comes up. He is not only a great doctor but also a great overall person. I highly recommend anyone see him, even if you think that a certain problem can’t be fixed by a chiropractor it most likely can be, so give him a try!