Frequent Urination/Insomnia

I first came to Dr. Giaquinto on March 21, 2008.  My wife had jaw surgery twenty-five years ago and had her jaw wired shut.  I would wake up anytime she cleared her throat, fearing she was choking.  Poor sleep ensued and it worsened over the years by job stress.  I would routinely fall asleep easily, then wake up about two to three hours later and be restlessly awake for the rest of the night.  This usually happened four to five times a week for the last twent-five years.  I would rarely, if ever feel totally rested, which I believe contributed to low energy in general and fatigue. On top of that, I also would wake up four to five times a night to go to the bathroom to urinate.  My medical doctor prescribed drugs to help me sleep.  Another chiropractor also gave me natural sleeping aids.  The only thing that worked was one of the drugs prescribed, but I was reluctant to take it regularly for fear of becoming dependent.  I was referred to Dr. Giaquinto by my daughter.  Since being treated by Dr. Giaquinto in a short amount of time with adjustments and enzyme nutrition, I would estimate that my sleep pattern has improved at least 50% and I might get up one time a night to urinate but that is rare now.   I still have some nights where I have trouble sleeping, but I feel that is related to major stress in my life and stress management is something I am working on to help me sleep.  Overall, I feel my conditions have greatly improved with Dr. Giaquinto’s treatment over the last six weeks.

Daniel C.