I’d like to tell you a little bit about how I was feeling and the symptoms I put up with for three years prior being treated by Dr. Giaquinto. I was tired a lot, especially in the afternoon. I work from home so taking a midday nap is very tempting and often happens! My body felt clenched, in a constant state of tension. My sleep pattern was terrible. I’d wake up after four hours of sleeping and could not get back to sleep. I had realized that the stress I’m continually under was hurting my body, even though I thought I was doing the right things for it. I ate right, exercised almost daily, gave myself “me time” to unwind, but it just wasn’t enough. Since seeing Dr. Giaquinto for a digestive work-up and enzyme nurtition, I feel 200% better, maybe more. I have tons of energy. When I wake up at night I generally can fall right back to sleep. I can eat foods like cheese again, which I had a difficult time properly digesting before. I’m not as hungry because my body gets the nutrition its needs from the foods I’m eating. I also snack less and it’s easier to control my weight. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Giaquinto for enzyme nutrition, especially those people under a lot of stress, who have low energy or want to gain better control of their weight. Anyone can benefit from great nutrition and enzymes!

Wendy W.