Digestion Difficulties, Upper Back Pain, Insomnia

I first came to Dr. Giaquinto in May 2008.  I had chronic upper back pain, pain all over my body, digestive pain, and insomnia.  I don’t remember when it began, but it has been with me for years.  I suffered from insomnia partially due to the pain in my body so throughout most of the day I was fatigued, making every task extremely difficult to do and accomplish.  Things that brought me joy weren’t bringing me joy anymore.  I saw my primary care physician, a physical therapist, and another chiropractor for my conditions.  My back and body pain lessened while in their care but never completely went away.  My primary physician prescribed medicine for my stomach but it didn’t help me at all.  I met Dr. Giaquinto at the Palisades farmer’s market and decided to seek treatment from him.  Since being under his care, I no longer have insomnia, my energy level is much better, no more digestive problems, and the pain in my back and body are completely gone.  The exercises that Dr. Giaquinto gave me to do will consistently help to strengthen my back.  Thank you Dr. Giaquinto.
Eloisa R.