Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Two years ago I exacerbated a 10-year-old injury in my neck and I had also been suffering from right carpal tunnel syndrome for the last 2 months.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t achieved any relief from other chiropractors I had gone to in the past.  I also tried acupuncture, which didn’t help my symptoms.    I could no longer teach and train efficiently in my profession, martial arts.  I constantly moved from chiropractor to chiropractor because I didn’t get much relief.  Sadly, I started to realize that I had to adjust and live with the discomfort and pain.  I came to Dr. Giaquinto two years ago for help because it was affecting my sleep and other activities. I was also not aware of the tension building in my neck, shoulders, arms and right hip because I had become used to the pain.   Since I started treatment with Dr. Giaquinto, I feel almost completely relieved from my carpal tunnel symptoms. I feel empowered to continue healing and strengthening.  My body functions more efficiently now and continues to heal with each visit.  This allows me to enjoy teaching and training martial arts again.  Dr. Giaquinto has expanded my own awareness of my body and educated me on how and why I experienced the pain. He also showed me tools and exercises that I can use by myself at home to help maintain my health.  Now I can better educate and train my students against injury and over-training. If and when they do get injured, I have no problem sending them here to Giaquinto Center.  I feel confident that Dr. Giaquinto will take great care of them as he did me.

Michelle B.