I initially came to see Dr. Giaquinto for my back pain, with which he has helped tremendously.  But Dr. Giaquinto also helped me in a way I never expected.  I have had bloating and stomach pain routinely show up after eating for as long as I can remember.  Even eating something as small as a sandwich.  I’d always walk around holding my stomach in because I felt like I’d swallowed a giant watermelon.  It was just so big and it was too hard and painful to always suck it in and hold it in.  Unfortunately my self-esteem suffered because of my bloating and pain and I just didn’t understand why it was so ugly.  It got to a point were I wouldn’t go swimming or go to the beach if I had eaten that day.  I even went to medical doctors and they said there was nothing wrong!  The Internist I saw thought I had severe stress directed into my stomach.  I also went to an acupuncturist and it didn’t help either.  I felt like having no results or answers after seeing these professionals was a big waste of money.  After I heard about the digestive work Dr. Giaquinto does, I thought I’d try one more time to find relief.  Dr. Giaquinto did a digestive workup on me and prescribed specific exercises and enzyme supplements that my body needed to heal.  It has been two months and the bloating and stomach pain is 90% improved.  Now these are results! And I am unexpectedly also losing weight, which I am thrilled about and I don’t have to hold my stomach in any more.  I know with Enzyme Nutrtion one day soon I’ll be 100%!

Ashley B.


Bloating/Gas/Foggy Thinking

I first came to see Dr. Giaquinto in October 2009. The conditions that I had were digestion difficulties with gas and bloating, and sometimes constipation if my diet was off, tense shoulders, lower back pain, and foggy thinking. These conditions affected my life daily because I was uncomfortable wearing tight fitting clothes.  I felt like I looked pregnant.  When my shoulders and back pain were bad I didn’t feel like being social with my friends and family.   I also had a difficult time continuing my work as a camera operator, which really concerned me.  I had only seen an herbalist for my conditions and I got temporary relief from the symptoms, but as soon as I strayed from the program my symptoms returned.  I saw Dr. Giaquinto speak in San Diego and it was an eye opener. I decided that I need to see him for treatment.  I felt a difference after only one day of being treated. My bloating and gas completely resolved.  Even when I eat the wrong things, my symptoms don’t return. I also see a big difference in my skin, my fine lines on my face are fading.   I feel much stronger when I work out. My shoulders and back can sometimes hurt but is less intense then before I started treatment. I also have tons of energy and my thinking is much, much clearer.

Ann B.