At about two weeks after birth my perfectly healthy, beautiful son developed cradle cap.  Doctors told me this was normal and there was no need to be concerned, so they didn’t do much about it.  It continued to grow (doctors said he would grow out of it) from his scalp, to his face down his neck to his shoulders onto his arms, body then his legs, covering 70% of his body.  This condition continued to grow.  We were visiting the ER regularly, at least once a month.  Through several months of horrifying events our beautiful healthy child was now covered with a condition the doctors called chronic eczema, a respiratory and digestive condition that one doctor stated that,  “we were just going to need to learn how to live with it because there is no cure.”  Furious, I started on a quest to heal my son and nothing or no one would stop me.  At about 2 ½ years, my son started regressing, stopped talking, running, stopped being able to swallow his food or eat normally, stopped interacting with us, catapulting him into fully regressed autism.  Before the autism, my son was cuddly and sweet tempered, loved to laugh and be around people.  I coined him my social butterfly.  Even though the pain he was going through with chronic eczema, life threatening allergies, digestive and respiratory conditions, he had such a good disposition.  By this time my son had an army of professional specialists for his various conditions and an array of therapists helping my son do what “NORMAL” kids do without thinking.  These specialists consisted of a pediatrician, dermatologist, autism specialist, neurologist, allergist, nutritionist, audiologist, psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and adaptive therapist.  By the time I met Dr. Giaquinto, my son, who was 3 ½ years old, had been taking multiple prescribed medications for years.  The so called “specialists” were telling me that my son was too young to know what would become of him.  The eczema was under control due to constantly medicating him but he didn’t take any naps and never slept through the night.  He had an extreme diaper rash that would not go away.  Every night he would repeatedly bang his head against the wall. He also did not make eye contact with anyone.  He did not engage or have interaction with anyone including me. He had a very poor appetite and was a very picky eater.  Every morning he had a chronic productive cough.  He was losing muscle mass due to his nutritional deficiencies.  He didn’t have the ability to run and play like kids his own age.  His weight was unstable and at one time he lost a total of 5 pounds going back down to 14 pounds at age 2.  This was a very scary time my family and I.  Simply stated, my son was a zombie by the time we got to Dr. Giaquinto.  Under Dr. Giaquinto’s care, my son started coming back to us.  Dr. Giaquinto taught me how to give my son enzymes, we started him on Juice Plus+, and some home exercises I could do for my son.  I noticed quick results.  After his first visit, my son had more energy, went home and took a nap!  He started to become more engaging with me. That night he didn’t bang his head against the wall once and he slept completely through the night for the first time in a long time.  After the second visit, he started sleeping well and still hasn’t banged his head against the wall once.  His teacher at school says he is using more words and is more engaging.  His appetite is coming back and is now starting to eat food that is healthier for him.  After visits three through five, his interaction was continuing to improve, he is now using more words, and continuing to progress in engaging with others and making eye contact.  After the sixth visit, he went home and slept for 14 hours, woke up the next morning, crawled into our bed and cuddled up next to me and said the words “Mommy, I love you.”  I had never heard those words before from him.  My heart just melted with joy.  After seven weeks of treatment, the diaper rash and cough were completely gone.  He began engaging with my family members, playing with his toys, running, eating and started talking again.  He is gaining back his muscle mass and is gaining weight regularly.  After everything my husband and I have been through, Dr Giaquinto was a breath of fresh air to us.  I have done everything Dr. Giaquinto has told me to do for my son to the T.  I have not waivered and only after six months of treatment my family and son have enjoyed bountiful success after success.  My son takes his enzymes and Juice Plus+ daily.  He is no longer taking any prescribed medications from the other doctors to my approval!  He is making great strides for a healthier lifestyle and bright future.  My husband and I will always consult with Dr. Giaquinto and use his services.  Dr. Giaquinto is a wonderful person and we are truly blessed to be his patients. What is unknown to you Dr. G, is that you helped rebuild my family and helped save my marriage that was in deep crisis.  I will forever be grateful to Dr. Giaquinto for his help and all his education.

With admiration and gratitude,

Eloisa R., Duke’s Mother