I have had allergy induced asthma since the age of twelve years old.  Even with being an athlete and a fitness professional today I still had recurrent bouts of asthma which not only made it hard to breathe but also took my energy level down quite a bit as well.  I also could not be around dogs for very long because they would flare up my sinus congestion and asthma.  I always have had an inhaler nearby just in case an attack would begin.  I’ve had to keep my cardiovascular conditioning top notch at all times and have taken Claritin daily since it came out on the market.  I was treated by a respiratory therapist when I was first diagnosed with allergy induced asthma as a kid but hadn’t been treated any differently by other doctors over the years.  Basically, they would prescribe new inhalers for me and that’s about it.  The inhalers have been consistently effective for attacks but were mainly an emergency cure more than one that could cure my condition.  Colleagues of mine referred me to see Dr. Keith.  As trainers, we often times overuse our bodies and Dr. Keith has “put us back together” again.  Dr. Keith introduced me to Enzyme Nutrition to greatly lessen my asthma in addition to chiropractic adjustments.  I could see results very quickly once I began using the enzymes in my daily dietary regimen and the chiropractic adjustments helped open a healthier flow throughout my body as well.  My body has grown healthier and my lungs are better than they’ve been since I was first diagnosed so many years ago.  I also can be around dogs now without any flare ups of my symptoms and no longer need the claritin.

Sean N.