Acid Reflux/Heartburn

I came to see Dr. Giaquinto on March 17, 2008.  I am not sure of the cause, but my health had been deteriorating for about two years. I had been dealing with acid reflux for about eight months. I was also experiencing constant sinus infections, taking tons of antibiotics, gaining weight and losing my energy and zest for life.  I felt like I was growing old before my time. The condition I was in affected every aspect of my life.  All I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch TV.  I could not sleep at night and I was afraid to eat.  I was depressed and lost my interest and joy for life. I had tried to address my issues with several different types of medical doctors. I was treated by a gastroenterologist who put me on two acid reflux medications.  I was treated by my internist with antibiotics and I began to get allergy shots for my allergies.  I also used two nasal sprays for my allergies.  The only difference I experienced was that my acid reflux continued only slightly improving in the daytime.  I continued to get sinus infections every other month and I still had no energy and felt bad all of the time.  I explored the internet and found Dr. Howard Loomis.  I did a search on his website for a chiropractor in my area who did digestive work and I decided to try that route because all the others had been so ineffective.  Since being treated by Dr. Giaquinto with Enzyme Nutrition, I have had amazing results!  In just four months, my life is completely different.  I feel like I used to in my 20’s.  I have tons of energy, sleep at night and feel refreshed in the morning. The best of all is that my reflux is GONE!  I have my life back again.  I have not been sick for two months now and I have no sinus infections and no illness of any kind.  This is fantastic for me.  As an added benefit, I have lost 15 pounds without even trying.  The weight just melted away in three months.  I have my life back and I feel so lucky.  I am sending my friends and family who are not well to Dr. Giaquinto.  He is amazing!!!!!!

Patti P.