Abdominal Pain

I came to see Dr. Giaquinto in June 2006.  I was experiencing everything from minor discomfort to pretty extreme pain in my stomach area.  I suffered with these symptoms for 8 weeks before I went to my medical doctor, who sent me for a CT scan, diagnosed me with diverticulitis and prescribed antibiotics, which didn’t work.  My quality of life took a serious downturn.  I had constant stomach pain to some degree every day.  Some days it got so bad that I had to lie down due to the pain.  I was referred to Dr. Giaquinto by a co-worker who was a patient of his.  Dr. Giaquinto prescribed enzymes, a better diet, and simple exercise for me to do at home.  I had a 50% improvement in my digestion and stomach pain after the first month.  After the second month all the discomfort is gone and I feel great.

Richard B.