Dr. Keith offers a broad range of health services.  He works mechanically with his patients utilizing chiropractic care, posture rehab and prescribing simple exercises for his patients to do at home.  He also work nutritionally with his patients for internal conditions utilizing enzyme nutrition.

Common conditions he can treat:
Musculoskeletal          Internal                                      Internal
Neck Pain                       Digestion Conditions              Lymphatic Congestion
Midback Pain                 Immune Deficiencies              Swelling/Edema
Low Back Pain               Hormone Imbalances             ADHD
Stiff Sore Joints            Allergies (Seasonal/Food)    Autism
Chronic Pain                   Asthma                                      Bedwetting
Strains/Sprains              Skin Conditions                        Urinary Frequency
Headaches                     Insomnia                                    Weight Loss/Gain
Sports Injuries               Fatigue                                       Brain Fog
Herniated Discs            Depression
Numbness/Tingling     Anxiety