Get Checked
To determine if Dr. Keith can help you with your health challenges, Dr. Keith can check you to see if you qualify for chiropractic care or enzyme nutrition. This is a 15 minute appointment to get a screening done at his expense. Dr. Keith will check your posture and palpation your spine to determine your potential of having subluxations. He will also check your digestion system to see if your body has an underlying nutritional deficiency that could be related to your health challenges. If he can help you, he will then review your options for the next step in your journey back to health. If he can’t, he will let you know and refer you to someone he thinks can help you. Call to schedule an appointment to get checked at his expense.

If you have specific questions regarding your health, or want to have a discussion with Dr. Keith to get his opinion, then you can schedule a consultation which can be 30 minutes. Dr. Keith charges $75 for this appointment.

Examination and Report
If you decide to take that next step with Dr. Keith, he will do a comprehension history and examination on you. After the examination, you will schedule your next appointment for a Report of Findings. During this report, Dr. Keith will go over:
1. What he found the problem to be
2. Can he help you
3. How long will it take
4. The cost of your care plan
If he can help you and if you choose to work with him, immediately following your report you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment.