Migraines and Jaw Pain

I suffered from chronic headaches and migraines in addition to massive jaw pain.  I’ve had headaches since I was a little girl and have gotten used to having them. As I aged, though, the intensity of the headaches increased so much that they were debilitating.  My headaches were keeping me home from work and draining all my energy, leaving me too exhausted to play with my daughter or even function.  I’d be in bed for 2-3 days !  The jaw pain I’ve had for 25 years but in recent years the pain worsened to the point that I could hardly chew my food. The jaw pain increased with stress as I store most stress in my neck and jaw.  The headaches were caused by a variety of things…stress, too much sugar and my menstrual cycle.  The jaw pain coincided with the headaches just exasperating the debilitating headache.

I survived the pain for many years with Ibuprofen but, as I developed digestive issues during some major life changes and stress, I needed to stop taking it.  I also visited a chiropractor who did basic adjustments which has helped with the intensity of my pain.

As stress persisted, so did my pain. I had to do something to get my life back. I was heading towards 40 years old and needed to get my body to work at full capacity. I needed energy, strength, wellness, and less pain!

I’ve know Dr. Keith for years, he was a high school friend.  Since high school, we have lived in different parts of the country.  One time when he came home, he asked if he could examine me. Afterwards he asked if I wanted to feel better and get rid of the headaches. He talked me through what was going on in my body and how all my issues were related to one another. He also stressed that my digestive system was compromised and with proper nutrition the body can mostly heal itself.

Through some diet changes, enzyme therapy, and fantastic chiropractic adjustments, my body responded positively. It was like my body was saying thank you for giving it what it needs and helping it along with the enzymes, which got me out of crisis mode quickly!

Over the course of a year, my enzyme treatment was altered to maintain health. My headaches are rare now with an occasional slight headache during a menstrual cycle. However, the pain is minimal and only lasts a 2-3 hours instead of 2-3 days.  He also did some work on my jaw.  He was able to completely relieve the pain on one side for the first time in 20 years. Thank you.