I went to see Dr. Giaquinto because I had issues with acid reflux, low back and knee pain, along with severe attacks of hot flashes.  I dealt with these issues ranging from the acid reflux for a month, hot flashes for 5 years, the lower back pain was on and off for years, however the knee pain was constant over the years.

The acid reflux caused severe burning in my throat which made it difficult to eat and swallow anything other than very cold liquids.  The lower back pain made it difficult to even walk sometimes.  The knee pain caused constant pain going up and down stairs and I have a lot of stairs in my house.  The hot flashes didn’t allow me to have a good night sleep as they always woke me up multiple times throughout the night.  I was getting sick all the time from lack of sleep and difficult to sit for long periods of time at my desk because of my back pain.  I refused to go up and down the stairs much or would avoid them whenever possible which increased my overall weight as I avoided exercise.  Stress, poor diet, exhausted adrenal glands and not exercising were the causes of my symptoms.

Dr. Keith is amazing is all I can say!  After seeing Dr. Keith, within a week my acid reflux had dramatically reduced and within two weeks it was gone.  The spinal alignments, exercise, change of diet and use of supplements now provides me with increased flexibility, dramatic reduction in back and knee pain to where it rarely exists.  The hot flashes are now less frequent and most nights I actually sleep through the night.  Dr. Keith has not only healed me but educated me to improve my overall physical health.  I now have joined physical challenges where I have been shocked at what I can do that I haven’t been able to do since I was 20 years younger.  I have a new appreciation on life and the relationship of living a healthy life style.  I’m shocked what physical alignments can do to our body’s ability to heal itself.  I didn’t know that feeling like this was even possible.

Dr. Keith has helped me change many of my bad habits and corrected the way I sit, stand and overall more by using more core to releases or prevent strain in my muscles.  Through attending several workshops on nutrition, digestion, thyroid and spinal alignment/subluxations along with a one-on-one overall evaluation of my condition, I have learned that our body is affected by what we put into it and how it responds by compensating through pain.  Many times throughout my treatment from healing one aliment, it uncovered others hiding because your body was focusing on the one that was screaming the loudest.  We have total control of how our body heals and how we heal it.  Through adjustments, proper nutrition, natural supplements and exercise there is no reason our body should suffer.  We have to take charge of our life and do it now not later!  I’m so glad I made this choice to put me first as it has taught me so much about my body and how it reacts to what I put into it and use it.  Why suffer when you have total control to change?  Thank you Dr. Keith for all that you have done for me.