How Important are Enzymes in Your Life?
Part 3: Immune System

In my first two articles, I emphasized the importance of diet and the body’s ability to properly pre-digest, absorb, assimilate and eliminate the nutrition from the food you eat.  These steps are essential for restoring normal function and maintaining optimal health.  Once you take a bite of food, chew and swallow it, your choice is done.  Now your body has to respond to that choice.

What is the connection between digestion, the immune system, and your overall health?

Enzymes are the workers in the body. They simply get work done.  Food enzyme supplementation enhances your digestion and can deliver important nutrients passed an incompetent digestive system. How does this show up in your life?  What does this look like?  Your resistance is low and you are frequently sick. You have a chronic unresolved health problem. Your body cannot tolerate any or very little physical exercise.  So, please be aware of these scenarios.

What can enzymes do in your life?

Enzymes are great for acute injuries, and tired muscles, cramps, spasms, strained muscles and joint pain, to name a few. Food enzymes are also good choices for boosting your immune system to support your body’s needs during the flu, common cold or allergies. Since food enzymes are essential nutrients and are helpful for improving digestion, they are important for children and delivering the nutrients needed for growth and repair.

Most patients mistakenly believe that if they eat healthy, their cells and organs are getting the full benefit of that nutrition. They assume that the food they eat is automatically 100% digested, absorbed and utilized by their cells and organs.  If that were the case, then you wouldn’t be suffering from a health condition.

Here are a few common symptoms of weakened immune system:

  • Fatigued, tired most of the time
  • Low resistance – frequent colds/infections
  • Joint pain in spine, hips, knees, feet or hands
  • Loss of appetite, or loss of taste for meat
  • Dark circles under eyes

By supporting your body with food enzymes, you can improve your overall health.

Here are some simple questions to think about how food enzymes can support your health:

“If you are tired, you may need extra nutrition right now. Dr. Giaquinto has an exam that can determine what specific nutrition your body may need.”

“You can’t seem to shake that cold! Did you know that the right nutrition can help you to get better quicker?”

“Enzymes help deliver good nutrition to your body, which can give you more energy. Dr. Giaquinto can help customize the right nutritional program for your body?”

How the system works

By supplementing food enzymes, you are helping to replace enzymes lost during the cooking or processing of food. This relieves the body of the burden to create more digestive enzymes. The body then is able to produce the required enzymes for other vital bodily functions.

Dr. Giaquinto is certified as an Internal Health Specialist through the post grad department of Logan University.  Dr. Giaquinto has learned specific, scientific ways of determining how well a patient is digesting proteins, carbohydrates and fats. He utilizes formulated digestive enzymes to meet the specific nutritional need of the patient, taking into consideration how well the patient digests food, as well as looking at the patients’ diet to see if there is an excess or deficiency of a particular food group and adjusting the diet accordingly. Digestive supplements are extremely effective because they are weighted to digest proteins, carbohydrates, and/or fats, depending on specific nutritional needs.